Healthy Banana Bread Recipe with Sour Cream

healthy banana bread recipe may be a standard yank bread formula. it's a really damp and sapid bread created with ripe bananas, flour, sugar, oil, walnuts, eggs and hydrogen carbonate. Lets see how make best banana bread.

Healthy Banana Bread Recipe with Sour Cream

best banana bread recipe


  1. 2½ cups All purpose Flour
  2. ½ cup Sugar
  3. ½ tsp Salt
  4. 2 tsp hydrogen carbonate
  5. 3 Eggs
  6. 4 ripe Bananas, peeled
  7. ¾ cup edible fat
  8. 1 tsp Cinnamon Powder
  9. ¼ cup Water
  10. 1 tbsp Vanilla Essence
  11. ½ cup Walnuts, sliced roughly

Steps to cook banana bread healthy

Step 1
Combine flour, salt and hydrogen carbonate during a bowl. combine well and keep aside.

Step 2
Next, in another bowl, add bananas and mash employing a fork. Then, add eggs, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, oil and water and blend well.

Step 3
Now, add the flour combine to the banana combine and mix well.

Step 4
Pre-heat the kitchen appliance to 350°F (180°C) for twenty minutes.

banana bread without sugar

Step 5
While whisking the batter gently, add the sliced walnuts and keep aside.

Step 6
Grease a bread pan with oil and pour the banana-walnut combine into the pan.

Step 7
Place the pan within the pre-heated kitchen appliance and bake for 45-50 minutes, till fried through. you'll be able to check if the bread is fried or not by inserting a knife or strip in it; if it comes out clean, it means that the bread is completed.

Step 8
Once fried, take it out from the kitchen appliance and funky on a wire rack. Slice and serve.

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